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DERMATOKINISI's goal and ambition was always and is, to provide high quality and specification products. We based our hardo logophilosophy and our evolution on these goals to always ensure market confidence. The 30 years of our course on the shoe materials has given us the experience to always ensure the trust of our customers.

To maintain high levels of customer demands we are constantly evolving. Apart from materials such as footwear soles, heels, adhesives, shoe machinery, women's heels, insoles and now represent the company JMA key input of our keys to mark a new beginning. At the keys section you can purchase from us key machines, simple keys, security keys, keys for armored doors, padlocks, locks and much more that conserns keys.

Yet another huge achievement and a big step of DERMATOKINISIS TO QUALITATIVE DIRECTION is the exclusive distributor of the company HARDO MACHINES in GREECE, and only our company can meet all the HARDO MACHINES with 8 YEARS GUARANTEE ON ALL THE MECHANICAL PARTS. The shoemaker and the locksmith is always on our foreground and working for you, thank you for your support.